Arise & Shine purpose is to revitalise exhibition activity of black content in the regions and to create an infrastructure for a nexus of ongoing pop-up/community cinema or film clubs. “Overall there is a feeling that films with an all black cast are highly inaccessible in UK cinemas, for example they may be shown in one cinema in the whole country (Brixton) or are shown for extremely short periods – sometimes just a few days.” (p.27 Portrayal vs. Betrayal? An investigation of diverse and mainstream UK film audiences: A research report commissioned by the UK Film Council - April 2011) 5 festivals and 5 regions (to plant new film clubs) have been provisionally identified but research and consultation is required to fully assess the needs of the beneficiaries. From there, a package of support will be offered to existing festivals or new film clubs which will include film programming & film education, venue hire, press kit, alternative revenue streams and mentoring.